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March 21, 2012


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Over 3 years here on DeviantArt and I have less than expected number of pieces in my gallery.

In full understanding of quality over quantity, I still think I have kind of let down the efforts from many around me. I do have shots that I like from many sets that dear photogs, team mates and helpers helped put together, I just never got around posting them for reasons that are no longer valid of late.

I have taken a year and more hiatus for personal reasons. I have to say, it changes my perspectives about how I treat cosplay as a hobby. I was at a point where I was frighteningly at peace with not cosplaying and just happy to be looking at everyone else at it. But after wearing Fye with my team mates at Cosfest Feb - 2012, I realized I am not ready to give it up just yet, I do want to complete cosplays from my wish list at the very least.

Currently going through a job resignation and new job search.
I believe in good time once I have made the transition, I will like to get back to sewing costumes and building props. I do miss that very much.

At the meantime, I will like to update my gallery. Will be posting up more from sets that were shot previously (Be warned it could be very very dated lol). Thank you for visiting my gallery as always!

Till then! <3
  • Mood: Yearning
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Would love to see more updates from you yes :D
And good luck with the job hunt!
13-Zer0 Mar 24, 2012  Hobbyist
Always love to see more from you! Good luck with your job search, I hope things go well for you <3
Welcome back!! ;w; :heart: Good luck, wishing you all the best~~~~
It's good to take some time off cosplay. But it's great to hear you wanting to make some new outfits~! Ganbatte ne! >///<
Good luck with job hunting! (I'm hunting for a job too /poses with a fishing rod/) You sound so overworked on Twitter ): You need more rest! You fall sick so often *hugs*

Hope to see you soon and your updated gallery~ I understand how you feel; I have photos from 2 years ago and I haven't even process oTL
UPDATE MORE THX! <3 *forever waiting*
Post lor, I also post dated old photos sometime. Lol
nah your stuff is great !
animaxfreak123 Mar 22, 2012  Student Artist
Great to see you back~!!
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